Changes Coming To The Podcast

  • Posted on: 3 April 2018
  • By: admin

About this time last year I was approached by Mike Jeffcoat about joining him in starting a new maker podcast. I was instantly onboard, and spent hours discussing things we could do, and topics we could discuss. A day or two later, Mike approached Darryl Jones as well, and poof, just like that, we had a podcast team. We spent weeks discussing names, logos, websites, and our format. Mike was very open from the start about the three of us chosing the format of the podcast together as a team, and after a lot of discussion we decided to try and just have a conversation about our maker lives, what we are working on, and interesting topics. It clearly became evident that his suggestion of just having a conversation worked because our first recording session went so well that we all could not wait to get the second episode recorded. 

Fast forward several months, and here we are at episode number seventeen. A lot has changed since that first recording session. We have grown a lot as makers, friends, and co-host. We have traveled to events together, and met many of you wonderful listeners and fans. Mike, Darryl, and myself have worked hard to bring you the best possible content that we could muster, and your positive responses have warmed our hearts to no end and has made us want to continue to improve upon the foundation that we have built more than ever before. As you may have realized, we have lost or skipped a couple of episodes in the past, and have had to take short breaks here and there when life has gotten in the way, but we anticipate those bumps in the road to be few and far inbetween from here forward. 

That brings me to the reason for this post. After some long and thoughtful consideration, Mike Jeffcoat has decided to step away from the podcast. His decision was not a spur of the moment thing, but was  rather a calculated move that will allow him to focus on some other opportunities that have came into his life recently. Darryl as well as myself wish Mike the best, and we hope to see him return to the community in the future. We appreciate everything Mike did to get the podcast off the ground, and we owe him a huge debt of grattitude for everything.  Mike did want us to let everyone know that he appreciates all of the friendships and support the community has given him over the years, and that his decision to step back was a necessary to reach the goals he has set for himself and his family.

Some of you have known about this change for a couple of weeks now, and we appreciate your encouragement to continue with the podcast. Darryl and myself have spent a good bit of time discussing who might be a good fit to fill the third seat, and after much deliberation, we have asked Chad Grosklags to join us as our permanent co-host. We chose Chad for many reasons, but the main reason was the free laser etched mugs he bribed us with  fact that he shares many of the same vision, ideas, and goals, that we have for the podcast. Chad is also a good friend of both of ours, and most importantly he fits in well with the style of conversation we like to have here at the Making Time. With that said, we would like to welcome Chad to the podcast, and we hope you will give him a warm welcome as well. 

Mike, Darryl and I want to thank you for making time for us, for the listeners, and now for your family. 

To everyone else, thank you again for all of your support over the last several months, and I personally can not wait to share some of our upcoming content with you!