Making Time Episode 014 - Southern Woodworkers, Legalese, and a Ginger

  • Posted on: 5 March 2018
  • By: admin

In this episode of Making Time Mike Jeffcoat, Charles Gantt, and Darryl Jones discuss the Southern Woodworkers with Zach Manring (Southern Ginger), the Atlanta Woodworking Show, and legalities of endorsements.

Show Notes: 


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We want to thank our patrons:

Sean McHenry of D.I.Wyatt Custom Woodworks.

What the guys are working on:

  • Mike: Covered wood storage, finished installing OSB, painted walls (flat white), french cleat, tool wall.
  • Charles: Video Editing with Premiere Pro CC, New Electronics Workbench Shelf with LED lighting, and Camera Slider Planning
  • Darryl: making duck calls, making spheres, practicing ring boxes for show.
  • Zach: Sick, youtube video Freakin Laser beams! Smoke exhaust and more! Makers Rock Project.


Makers' Roundtable 

  • Mike: Shop floor, side lighting, camera mounting?
  • Charles: Color Grading Videos in Premiere Pro CC using Lumetri Color
  • Darryl: Tampa woodworking show
  • Zach: Carved. CNC wood carved and stabilized. Resin burl. Have you guys tried wood based phone cases? (Fish tank problems)


Zach: Upcoming Atlanta woodworking show. 3rd major show (1st we had 200 members), 1000 members. Come out and chill with folks in the community, youtubers, instagrammers. Finished teardrop, lots of giveaways.


Maker Spotlight:

Zach Manring


Listener Question(s)

David Simmons What tips and tricks do you have to keep your shop organized during builds?

Justin Uppole What is your least favorite tool and why?


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