Making Time Episode 018 - Woodworking Show Atlanta 2018 & We Welcome A New Host

  • Posted on: 18 April 2018
  • By: admin

In this episode of Making Time, Darryl Jones, Charles Gantt, and Chad Grosklags recap their recent trip to The Woodworking Shows Atlanta 2018, and we officially welcome Chad as our new co-host.

Show Notes: 

Making Time: Episode 18 - Woodworking Show ATL & a New Host

In this episode of Making Time, Darryl Jones, Charles Gantt, and Chad Grosklags recap their recent trip to The Woodworking Shows Atlanta 2018, and we officially welcome Chad as our new co-host.

A new host

Before we get started with this episode, I wanted to take a moment and talk about some recent changes here on the podcast. As you have noticed, Chad Grosklags is once again sitting in the co-host seat, and that is because Mike has decided to step away from the podcast. His decision was not a spur of the moment thing, but was rather a calculated move that will allow him to focus on some other opportunities that have came into his life recently. Darryl as well as myself wish Mike the best, and we hope to see him return to the community in the future. Mike did want us to let everyone know that he appreciates all of the friendships and support the community has given him over the years, and that his decision to step back was a necessary one. With that said, we would like to announce that Chad has agreed to take over Mike’s roll here at Making Time, and will be a part of the trio from here moving forward. So without further adieu, Welcome to the podcast Chad.

What are we working on?

  • Darryl: Producing and editing video content
  • Chad: Cups for Makers International, The Makers Workbench, and Making Time
  • Charles: I haven’t had much time to make anything because I have been playing catch up with my Element14 work because of the trip to Atlanta. I did just launch my 1k follower giveaway on Instagram, and I have been working on cleaning up the shop, so that I can make some videos around the tools I bought in Atlanta.

Makers' Roundtable 

  • Darryl: Turqouise inlace CA glue
  • Charles: New Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
  • Chad: Cup with lead ball in it.   


Predictions From Last Week:

  • Charles: Getting ready for Wood Working Shows Atlanta 2018
  • Darryl:  Continue the ongoing saga of unfinished objectives and clean the shop (or some version of)
  • Chad: Makers Central Tumblers Shipped, Making TIme Tumblers Done, Makers Workbench tumblers done, Southern Woodworkers Tumbler done, Power Point for Atlanta Wood Working Show.

Results From Last Week?

  • Charles: Accomplished
  • Darryl: I did clean the shop, failures all around otherwise
  • Chad: I have to say that I am surprised to say that I actually accomplished all of 

Predictions for next week:

  • Charles: Update Website Info, Sonoff Switch Extension Cord Project, Launch 1k Follower Giveaway 
  • Darryl: Armoires, bookshelf
  • Chad: Get all of my stickers mailed out. Believe it or not, this will be a much bigger challenge than last weeks. I also need to get at least one video up by the next recording. I also have a promo and and a maker interview video to get done.

Listener Questions

  • Ryan Ridgley:  If you put out a product that you might not be a fan of or that you are disappointed in, but the customer loves it, is it a win or a loss? (Personally, though I may be disappointed, the client is happy so I did my job, there is always next time right? No sense in beating myself up when I am the only one disappointed in myself).
  • Marc Schaefermeyer: Do you ever wish there were more electronics parts sold at the remaining brick and mortar stores? I'm in need of a JST XH connector and lack of options to buy locally is limiting. How to you plan for this kind of delay in projects?
  • Michael Chipser: If you were making cutting boards to sell what kind would you make.. face grain, edge grain, or end grain.. or a slab I guess..

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